How exactly did the Film Bro meet his end?

We all know one. Hell, maybe we are one. They've become such a fixture in our society that it's impossible to tell which one came first: the film or the bro. 

If you're unfamiliar with the term, film bros are the masculine end of dilettantes in the world of cinema. In the eyes of a film bro, Goodfellas and The Matrix are the greatest films ever made, and every Ryan Gosling role is "literally" them. They're a specific class of cinephiles that only extol the virtues of the most mainstream and hyper-masculine movies.

Now, to be clear, there's nothing wrong with being a film bro. Everyone is entitled to enjoy art at whatever level they desire. However, what is it about film bros that have turned them into public enemy number one in cinephile circles? In the video linked above from Eyebrow Cinema's YouTube, you can learn all about the film bro and why overuse of the term has rendered it useless.