A GOP candidate for congress in Texas published offensive Anne Frank fanfiction in 2020

Republican candidate for Texas 7th congressional district, Johnny Teague, an evangelical pastor, published "The Lost Diary of Anne Frank." Teague's novel imagines Anne Frank's final days in the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps and her newfound love of Jesus.


While Teague's version of Frank doesn't explicitly indicate she wants to convert to Christianity, she makes many comments praising Christians she meets in the concentration camp, noting of one woman, "What I love about her is her faith in God and her faith in Jesus." Later, Frank says, "I am seeing a stark difference in some of the Christians here, as opposed to the others… It seems Christians are more willing to die than the rest of us."

Teague says such passages don't necessarily represent a full conversion to Christianity. "Do I think Anne Frank became a Christian? No one can know what spiritual decisions or conclusions people make in a time of tragedy and persecution," Teague continued. "This book does not indicate either way."

He added, "We must stand with the Jewish people and for them."

Via Crooks and Liars