Georgia pastor preaches, "We don't need a Walker!"

Pastor Jamal Bryant is on fire! Watch his incredible sermon critiquing the Georgia Republican Party and Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker. Here's the transcript:

Ladies and gentlemen, when the Republican party of Georgia moved Herschel Walker from Texas to Georgia, so that he could run for Senate, it's because change was taking too fast in the Post-Antebellum South. The state had been flipped blue, and there are some principalities that were not prepared to for a Black man and a Jewish man to go to Senate at the exact same time. So they figured that they would delude us, by picking somebody who they thought would in fact represent us better with a football than with a degree in philosophy. They thought we were so slow, that we were so stupid, that we would elect the lowest caricature of a stereotypical broken Black man, as opposed to somebody who is educated and erudite and focused – y'all ain't ready for me today! Since Herschel Walker was 16 years old, white men been telling him what to do. Telling him what school to go to, where to live, where to eat, where to buy a house, where to run, where to sit down, where to sleep, where to pay for abortions, where to buy a gun. And you think they're not gonna tell him how to vote? In 2022 we don't need a Walker, we need a runner. We need somebody who gonna run and tell the truth about January 6. We need somebody who gonna run and push for the cancellation of student loan debts.  We need somebody who gonna run and make the former President respond to a subpoena. We don't need a Walker, we need somebody who will be steadfast, unmoveable, always abounded, knowing that your labor is not in vain. Georgia, I need you to know, the slave negros y'all are used to don't live here no more. We can think for ourselves, function for ourselves, and vote for ourselves. Why? Cause we don't need a Walker!!

Jamal Bryant is Senior Pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest, Georgia, and is a graduate of Morehouse College, Duke University, and Graduate Theological Foundation. If you want to watch the entire service, it's available here.