GQP candidate for Michigan's Secretary of State Kristina Karamo spreads blood libel

Vice shares the story of a Qnut spreading blood libel to rile the masses. Kristina Karamo, GQP candidate for Secretary of State in Michigan, spoke about how liberals eat babies on a 2020 podcast.


VICE News obtained an audio recording of Karamo's appearance on a QAnon podcast called Redpill News just weeks after the 2020 election, where she said that abortion is "child sacrifice" and boosted false claims that the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, were "Antifa posing as Trump supporters."

"If you go to the Satanic temple website, they have an entire five-minute video explaining why abortion is a religious ritual," Karamo said in the interview, which also featured Rudy Giuliani associate Melissa Carone. "They literally say that it is a sacrifice, it is a religious ritual for them to have an abortion, it is sick. And as you mentioned, the baby body parts… they sell the organs. There's a ton of money involved in freshly harvested organs. There's so much evidence out there."

This is one of QAnon's most extreme beliefs, that members of the global elite traffic children in order to harvest a chemical from their blood that they use to live longer.