Snap the most incredible bird selfies in your own backyard with Bird Buddy.

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It really isn't easy to snap a good picture of a bird in the wild. We all know birds aren't exactly the most accommodating of subjects. So getting close enough to get a phenomenal picture of birds behaving naturally, without disturbing them and causing them to zip away in seconds, is among the most challenging tasks in photography. 

However, that is all changing, thanks to the Bird Buddy. This smart bird feeder is making it easy for armchair photographers to snap bird pictures like they were posing for school picture day, all without ever even leaving that trusty, comfy armchair.

Turning all your area bird varieties into an avian version of Pokemon Go certainly appealed to backers on Kickstarter, who funded the Bird Buddy in just 20 minutes back in November 2020. And they have since pushed the runaway success to more than 60,000 pre-orders. And it isn't hard to see why. 

The bird feeder-style housing has a built-in 5MP camera for capturing all the action whenever a bird swings by for a snack. Once a bird starts pecking at seed, the camera and its artificial intelligence features scan the bird's image, identify its type from more than 1,000 different bird varieties, then save the camera picture to your archive of bird selfies.

These aren't tiny, grainy images that catch a bird from half a yard away, either. Instead, the bird is right in front of the camera, allowing for some brilliant still images that are better than anything 99 percent of us could ever capture with a smartphone.

With the Bird Buddy app, you can funnel all of your backyard activity on your mobile device. There's an instant notification when a bird arrives and a sharp 720p live video stream for viewing your visitor iin real time. Plus, users can assume control of the camera through the app, with the option of taking more pictures of each bird before they flutter away. As a result, you can get fantastic images of every bird that passes by, even when you aren't home to see it personally.

The phenomenal success of the Bird Buddy's initial orders confirmed the creator's faith in the project but reinforced their commitment to getting it right. So with the first Bird Buddy units now ready to begin shipping out, they re-opened for additional orders. You can head to the website to save up to 20 percent on this fun product.

Prices are subject to change.