After 120 years, Alabamians to vote on stripping racist language from state constitution

Alabama's state constitution, an unenforceable 420,000-word pile of shit whose prohibitions on racial mixing and black voting, enforcement of segregated schools and call for Anglo-Saxon supremacy have been dead letters for decades if not the day it was framed, is to be amended for the 979th time. They're going to remove the racism and slim the document down–so long as the public ratifies the changes.

The reorganization effort is designed to make the document more user-friendly, Lathram said. Repealed provisions will be removed and the nearly 1,000 amendments will be incorporated into the document. Amendments related to local areas will be organized by county so they can be more easily found. Tom Spencer, a senior research associate at Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, said the proposal will strip remaining racist language … The new Constitution would shrink slightly to 373,274 words, but that is three times more words than the next-longest state constitution – Texas, according to an analysis from the PARCA.