Kari Lake thinks it's funny to joke about attempted murder

Just a few days ago, Paul Pelosi was violently attacked with a hammer by an intruder who broke into his San Francisco home. In the wake of that attack, Kari Lake was out on the campaign trail cracking jokes about it. Just when you think they can't get any worse, they prove us all wrong. The Recount posted the video on their Twitter account, stating:

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) gets a big laugh from the crowd after joking about Speaker Pelosi's husband Paul being violently assaulted: "Nancy Pelosi, well, she's got protection when she's in D.C. — apparently her house doesn't have a lot of protection."

And Fred Guttenberg also posted the video, expressing the rage so many of us feel:

As we take 10 min break from my daughters murder trial, I saw this news report on @KariLake & needed to reply. Kari, you are the lowest form of sewer dwelling scum for your Pelosi comment. Also, as my daughter was murdered in school, SHUT THE F-CK UP!!!