"Ten reasons why the illness I have is totally not COVID"

I'm still very COVID-cautious—I still mask, avoid indoor spaces, keep my circle small, etc. Sometimes it feels lonely, so it's nice to have reminders that I'm not the only one who still cares. In the spirit of reminding me that I'm not alone, a friend sent me this Twitter thread, by user Tern, titled, "Ten reasons why the illness I have is totally not covid." It's a good reality check—COVID is still rampant and folks who are operating as if it's over are really just kidding themselves. (And yes, I get that they are just following those in power who have all declared COVID over–I definitely place a great deal of blame on leadership). The thread lists 184 explanations people use for being sick that deny the (very real) possibility that any given sickness is actually COVID. The thread also lists excuses people use to pretend they're not sick, because being sick is inconvenient and ruins plans to socialize. The excuses listed in the thread include:

  1. My friend totally didn't have covid last week
  2. I tested once really pathetically
  3. I've had COVID before, and I didn't have vomiting and diarrhea either time
  4. It's my granddaughter's birthday party on Wednesday evening
  5. My friend used to be a receptionist for a vet, and she says it doesn't sound like COVID

I've heard so many of these, and more. It's amazing the mental gymnastics people will go through to avoid facing the reality that they do, indeed, probably have COVID. The more I read about the long-term effects of even 'mild' COVID cases, the more I am determined to continue masking and being careful. I'll never understand not wanting to protect one's self and others from a potentially life-long debilitating virus, but that's just me, I guess!

As awful as Twitter might soon become, I'm hesitant to quit because it's been a great community for the COVID-cautious, and a great source of information from epidemiologists, virologists, aerosol scientists, and more. (Sidenote: If you have suggestions about where those folks might migrate, please let me know!).