These wireless charging stands from Polaroid are $15 less than Samsung's

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Apple made headlines recently when it announced that it would replace the Lightning port in iPhones and iPads with USB-C. Still, outside of very specific circumstances, there is rarely much innovation in mobile phone charging. Year after year, we see higher voltages and quicker battery top-offs, but the last true charging breakthrough was inductive charging, also known as wireless charging, back in 2009.

This tech has improved to be nearly on par with regular charging and has been mass-produced to take the place of normal chargers in homes worldwide. That means that wireless chargers have dropped substantially in price over the years, making them more accessible than ever. For example, check out these fast wireless chargers from Polaroid. That's right, two wireless chargers for just $24.99 or $12.50 each! For reference, Samsung's least expensive wireless charger starts at $39.99.

If you've never used wireless charging before, fret not! Almost all modern smartphones are equipped with Qi charging standards, which allows inductive charging to happen by simply setting the device on a charging pad. Even if you use a case on your phone, odds are the charge will transfer through! 

But amongst the sea of Qi chargers, these charging stands by Polaroid feature a slim-angled design that sits upright, allowing you to use apps, play games, and stream content as your phone charges. The clever angle basically lets you transform your phone into a digital photo frame or an alarm clock while reducing cable clutter, all while keeping your battery primed to take on the go. 

With gift-giving season right around the corner, it's a great time to take advantage of this deal. Check out this two-pack of Polaroid Fast Wireless Charging Stands — one for you and one for someone special — for less than $24.99 or nearly 70% off.

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