Listen to AI Werner Herzog and AI Slavoj Žižek ramble on forever

The Infinite Conversation is an endless, generative conversation between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek. It is brain candy for anyone sick of listening to the endless, degenerative conversations between everyone on Twitter.

an AI generated, never-ending discussion between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek. Everything you hear is fully generated by a machine. The opinions and beliefs expressed do not represent anyone. They are the hallucinations of a slab of silicon.

I'm struck by how engaging they are, and how excellent the voices are: if you applied a filter to emulate VoIP or what-have-you, you might be convinced until one or the other came out with something blatantly off.

I don't think it's all nonsense, as some do, though obviously it sometimes is. Mostly, it's the inane reiteration of language whose original meaning, tone and perspective persists with alarming consistency, echoing as machine poetry even after you know what it is. <herzog voice> If the artifice of reality is emergent, falsity yet emerges over tiyme as we listen to the illoosory diss course</herzog>

Here's the creator, Giacomo Miceli:

This project aims to raise awareness about the ease of using tools for synthesizing a real voice. Right now, any motivated fool can do this with a laptop in their bedroom. This changes our relationship with the media we consume online and raises questions about the importance of authoritative sources, breach of trust and gullibility.

Will this technology lead to a massive proliferation of sub-optimal-quality content? Should we simply distrust anything we see online? As new tools are developed to help identify generated content, I recommend maintaining a skeptical stance, particularly when the source/channel of information doesn't seem reliable and when the claims seem preposterous or outrageous.

Ultimately, I don't see this as a technical problem, but as a human one.

P.S. they're right about science fiction.