MAGA goons with guns and phony badges knock on doors to interrogate residents in California

Gun-toting GOP doorknockers in Shasta County, California, dressed in official-looking clothes and carrying badges that read "Voter Taskforce," are harassing residents by asking invasive questions, reports Reuters. Several residents said they thought the goons were government officials.

Shasta County's chief election official said the imposters are demanding invasive personal information from occupants about their voting history, who they are living with, and the whereabouts of their adult children. These kinds of questions are in violation of California's laws against harassment and intimidation.

From Reuters:

Door-knocking campaigns have been encouraged by some of Trump's staunchest allies. Pillow company owner Mike Lindell, a wealthy champion of election fraud theories, has hosted televised conferences where activists tout their canvassing findings. Steve Bannon, a former top advisor to Trump, called for a "50 state canvas" on his podcast a year ago.