Peter Thiel, who is certainly not a vampire, reportedly attended a Halloween party at Dracula's Castle

Several Romanian tabloids photographed the notorious venture capitalist bloodsucker known as Peter Thiel along with his husband Matt Danzeisen at a fancy Halloween party at Bran Castle in Transylvania — commonly known as Dracula's Castle, though it wasn't actually Dracula's Castle, and it's historically unclear if even Vlad the Impaler, let alone Bram Stoker, knew anything about the place.

According to Vice, there were plenty of other rich celebrities allegedly in attendance at this vampiric masquerade:

A long list of celebrity and public figure guests were rumored to be attending, including Elon Musk, Angelina Jolie, infamously blood-curious billionaire Peter Thiel—who has officially denied being a vampire—and Google co-founder Segrey Brin. 

The rumors generated enough buzz locally that Greenpeace held a protest at the castle and projected messages including "SOS Carpathian Forest!"  and "Tweet That, Elon!" onto its side. In the /r/solarpunk subreddit, one user posted a picture of themselves as a lone protester nearby, holding a sign reading "They drink champagne from the blood of the planet."


Another outlet posted grainy paparazzi photos that it said depicted Entourage star Adrien Grenier boarding a similar helicopter [to the one that Thiel and Danzeisen arrived in]. 

Swedish actress Julia Sandstrom also appears to have DJ'd the event, with Romanian news sites catching her post two Instagram Stories from a helicopter flying to the castle, each captioned, "Land of the vampires.. [vampire emoji] Stoked to play in Transylvania this Halloween." Another story is still up featuring a close up of the castle, with the caption "Probably the coolest location I've DJ'd."

It's not clear how much truth there actually is to the rumors of this billionaire bloodletting festival. What is certain, however, is that Thiel has expressed in interest in parabiosis, the process of replacing old blood with younger blood as a health treatment, though he has repeatedly insisted that he's not actually a vampire.

An Alleged Billionaire Halloween Party at Dracula's Castle Sent Romania Into a Frenzy [Edward Ongweso Jr / Vice]

Image: Gage Skidmore / Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)