Watch: Gigantic balls (think The Prisoner) run amok on the streets of London

In what looked like a scene out of 1960s' sci-fi cult British series The Prisoner, two enormous silver-coated balls ran wild down the streets of London Monday evening (see video below). Traveling down Tottenham Court, the runaway orbs bounced past pedestrians, smashed into street lamps, caused at least one car to swerve, blocked traffic, and created a sense of all-around confusion.

But rather than sucking people up, the way the creepy white balloon called Rover did in The Prisoner (see YouTube video below), these unruly balls finally lost their steam and were promptly rounded up.

Turns out they were part of a beautiful outdoor art installation "commissioned by electronic music duo Mount Kimbie," according to Mediate, that broke apart and ran amok after hit with heavy winds (see Instagram image at bottom of post). Fortunately nobody was injured.

Here's Rover, the terrifying white balloon from the 1967 series, The Prisoner:

Instagram post of Four World Set before at least two of the balls broke free:

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