Edward Gorey's macabre style penned on envelopes for annual art contest

Would-be surrealists took inspiration from the distinctive aesthetic of Edward Gorey, mailing in original pieces on envelopes to a Cape Cod museum dedicated to the late artist. The Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts sent out the initial call in April for their annual all-ages Envelope Art Contest, offering the theme of "Act II/Scene I." The rules were simply stated: "Artists are invited to fill an envelope-shaped stage with a story of their own devising—and we're getting dropped into the middle of it." With a deadline of October 17, decorated entries have been arriving to the museum since.

On their Facebook page, the museum has started showing off some of the deliciously dark pieces, many done by children. Here's a look:

by Amara Kern, age 14
by Shixin Zhuu, age 14
by Grace Whitten, age 14
by Krishna Majmudar, age 13
by Sansita Nagapadman, age 14
by Jennifer Johnston, adult
by Ora Sizemore, age 9

It should be noted that Gorey himself was known to bring his special brand of cross-hatched pen-and-ink magic to his personal correspondence.

And, if you're ever on the Cape, a visit to the museum is a must! It's housed in what once was Gorey's home, a drafty old place built in 1820. It's only open April through December, so plan accordingly.

images: Edward Gorey House / Facebook, used with permission