Judge puts Trump Organization's finances under oversight of independent monitor

A New York judge yesterday appointed a financial monitor to oversee the finances of the Trump Organization, which is in trouble for overstating its assets when securing loans for the big man and his cronies.

State Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron signed off on a preliminary injunction that also blocks former President Donald Trump's company from transferring assets without court approval. In his ruling, Engoron said the company must also make the monitor aware of all its holdings and assets and give 30 days' notice of any restructuring at the company and any plans for "disposing or refinancing of significant Trump Organization assets." (Supreme Court is the name of New York state's top trial court.)

Given "defendants' propensity to engage in persistent fraud, failure to grant such an injunction could result in extreme prejudice to the people of New York," he wrote.

There seems to be no doubt at all about what's going on. Trump already started a new business, named "Trump Organization 2", when yesterday's outcome loomed: it's a game between him and how fast the law can move, and he's seven decades in without it getting close.

He will, at least, be aggrieved and upset about it: "There'll be ketchup on the walls tonight", writes Dendad6972 on Reddit.