Marjorie Taylor Greene victim-shames Paul Pelosi for not owning a gun to kill his attacker (video)

In true MAGA fashion, Marjorie Taylor Greene victim-shamed Paul Pelosi for getting brutally attacked with a hammer. "Paul Pelosi should have been a gun owner and shot his attacker!" she said, pointing her finger as she criticized Nancy Pelosi's 82-year-old husband for his shortcomings.

During her hate rally in Iowa, the GQP congresswoman was successful in goading her crowd to boo at the mere utterance of Paul Pelosi's name, and even managed to jab the GQP's fabricated "migrant crisis" by calling Pelosi's Canadian-born attacker a "drugged-out illegal alien." Of course, she forgot to mention that he's also an antisemitic Trump and Q supporter.

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