Sandman is getting a second season

For decades, comic fans wondered what a live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman's award-winning comic The Sandman would look like. Initially, there were talks of bringing the series to the silver screen, but given the massive scale of the property, television seemed like the better medium. After several years of waiting for an announcement of any kind, fans of Gaiman's work were delighted when Netflix acquired the rights for a live-action The Sandman series. 

When the first images of the series hit the internet, fans began to marvel at how beautifully and faithfully realized the series was in relation to its comic counterpart. Once the series actually debuted on Netflix, it more than delivered on the promise of bringing the world of the Endless to life. Yesterday, Netflix made a long overdue announcement that The Sandman would be returning for a second season. You can watch the teaser for season two in the video linked above. 

Netflix has greenlit a second season of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. Deadline understands that the streamer is bringing back the comic book adaptation after various conflicting reports started to surface online. The Sandman, which launched at the start of August, was watched for 69.5M hours in its first week, doubling this in its second to 127.5M, scoring 77.2M in its third week and getting 53.8M in its fourth