Uvalde teacher, falsely accused by police of leaving school door open before mass shooting, has questions for them

Texas's Department of Public Safety has apologized to Emilia Marin for falsely accusing her of propping open a door and enabling the mass shooting which killed 19 children and two adults earlier this year. But it has refused to explain why it did so, why Col. Steve McCraw lied about her in a press conference, or why they defamed her after it would have been obvious their version of events could not possibly be true.

The answers are obvious: they were scapegoating her because police–at one point nearly 400 of them–had failed to challenge the mass shooter for an hour as he slaughtered children at Robb Elementary School. Nonetheless, she wants people to know how just how unwilling they are to face what they did.

In an interview with ABC News, Gutierrez elaborated, saying he watched 10 troopers in their signature DPS cowboy hats closely examining video captured that day. Though he couldn't say exactly which videos he saw them reviewing, he watched as they scrutinized the footage, repeatedly rewinding, fast-forwarding and slowing portions of video. He said the detailed analysis of the evidence that he witnessed contradicts the information McCraw was given prior to the briefing Marin watched with her daughter on May 27.

"It defies logic that these people didn't know the truth as to what Amy Marin did or didn't do," Gutierrez said. "When they accused Amy Marin, they knew that she absolutely did the right thing and yet they let her feel the pain of that accusation for five days, and she will never be the same."

Fuck these lying cowards and fuck their stupid hats.