Check out this amazing Mandalorian cosplay

When Star Wars migrated from the big screen to television with The Mandalorian, many fans worried about the future of the brand. Prior to The Mandalorian and a slew of animated projects, the last time Star Wars had been on television was the much-maligned Christmas special in 1978. Plus, the polarizing reception around Disney's sequel trilogy didn't help matters much, either. However, The Mandalorian didn't just become a hit. For a while, the series was the hottest show on television. 

Borrowing liberally from Lone Wolf and Cub through the lens of a space Western, The Mandalorian became the backbone of Disney's now expansive slate of live-action Star Wars series. Consequently, the show has attracted cosplayers aplenty throughout its run, but few are as awesome as the one linked above. In the video at the top of this blog, you can check out one of the coolest Din Djarin duds this side of a galaxy far far away.