With a .ART domain name, you join the artistic community online. And right now, it's on sale.

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If you're an artist — a painter or a dancer, a graphic designer, a writer, or virtually any creative professional — you already know that monetizing your art goes way beyond simple talent. Talent only gets you in the door. 

To truly make a living as an artist, you must wear several hats. An artist needs to be a marketer. A promoter and a salesperson. A loud advocate and a staunch protector. More than anything, an artist today has to make it a passion not to get lost in the shuffle. An .ART web domain can go a long way toward ensuring that never happens.

With a mission to support the artistic community while protecting and strengthening its members, the .ART domain name signifies your affiliation with the larger community of artists. A unique .ART domain creates clear and simple branding to help attract an audience, buyers, collectors, or anyone else to ensure an artist's work is seen and treasured. Currently, more than 200,000 artists have a web presence in the .ART realm, regardless of industry or geography. 

The reality is that many artists aren't tech-heads. With that in mind, a .ART domain comes with a free basic website builder and a host of extra add-on features that help make it easier to network as an art professional. From a business email to full social media integration to outlets for NFTs and blockchain content, the .ART ecosystem allows artists to craft a 360-degree online identity.

Whether you only need an online calling card or if you're looking to create a full interactive portfolio or online store, .ART can help make it happen as you stand out with that distinctive domain.

Artists like David Spriggs said he made the move to avoid the crass commoditization of his work. "I chose .ART in order to bring context to my website name davidspriggs.art. I prefer that my artwork be seen for itself rather than as a commercial product for which .com stands." 

Those looking to raise their place in the art world can receive 50% off on your first year with code BOINGBOING50. And if you change your mind about being with .ART, you have five days to receive a full refund.

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