Drunk college student hurls racist slurs at very patient people just trying to do their job

Over the weekend an inebriated University of Kentucky student showed up to a residence hall on campus after 1 am, and began verbally assaulting the residence hall workers, calling them the "n" word over and over. The drunk student also began physically assaulting the workers and attempted to run them over with a grocery cart. It was all caught on video, which you can watch it here.

The student in question has since apologized, stating on her Instagram:

I was under the influence I'm sorry please don't judge me I lost everything

I understand a apology may not help but I am not a racist I was under the influence I lost everything literally <heartbroken emoji> & now have to fear for my life god forgives please understand

Ah yes, the old "I was drunk, I'm not really racist" non-apology apology.

She has since been fired from her job at Dillard's and has been arrested and charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, assault, and assault on a police officer.