Howard Stern blasts Herschel Walker and Georgia voters: "How the f*ck could you elect that guy?!" (audio)

The GQP's nonstop daily barrage of absurd claims and outrageous behavior can be numbing (one can only take so much), so it was refreshing to hear shock jock Howard Stern react with utter shock that Herschel Walker has a chance of winning Georgia's Senate seat tomorrow.

It was as if Stern had just been made aware of the nonsensical anti-abortion abortion supporter after waking up from a one-year coma.

"Fucking Herschel Walker. Holy fuck. They're saying he's gonna win in Georgia. Are you fucking dummies!?" the flabbergasted XMSirius host ranted on the Howard Stern Show (listen below).

"There's gonna be … they always talk about another Civil War. I think there is gonna be one. I mean, how the fuck could you elect that guy? You gotta be outta your fucking skull," Stern bluntly continued.

"I gotta say, I mean, are you fucking kidding me? … Would you really vote for this fucking — I don't know what the fuck he is," Stern said. "I was gonna say mental case … but I don't even know if that's fair to mental cases. I just don't know."

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