"La Jetée," the famous French time travel short film, is being adapted into a new opera

La Jetée is a 1962 French short film about an apocalyptic time travel experiment, told using entirely still images. You may know it as the basis/inspiration for Terry Gilliam's 1995 masterpiece 12 Monkeys.

Now, the film is being adapted into an epic chamber music performance by the Chicago Fringe Opera with music by Seth Boustead and a libretto by novelist J. Robert Lennon (Broken River and Subdivision). Lennon's also a friend of mine, but I'd be excited about this anyway because I love La Jetée.

Even if you're not in Chicago, you can stream the 75-minute opera on November 8 and 10. Not sure if they plan on posting the video or streaming anything after that.

La Jetée — Access Contemporary Music and Chicago Fringe Opera