Musk fanboys create $600k monument to their hero

Oh, how I wish this were a joke. But, sadly, from everything I can determine, this is real. The boys (and yes, of course, they seem to be all male) behind the cryptocurrency Elon GOAT Token ($EGT) have been hard at work funding a "monument" featuring a giant goat with the head of their hero, Elon Musk, riding a rocket. I repeat: this is real.

Promotional collage at the $EGT website

On the $EGT website a quote from "DRIVE TESLA CANADA" describes the monument, which was created by Chilliwack, BC metal sculptor Kevin Stone:

"Kevin Stone is creating a massive 6-foot tall head of Elon Musk. If that isn't strange enough, he is also building a 30-foot long body of a goat for the head to sit on. It won't just be a goat with the head of Musk, but will feature real rocket fire, smoke, lasers, concert lighting and music. It will be a global spectacle that is sure to go viral beyond crypto and into mainstream media." 

The statue was completed in July, 2022 and has been touring the country during the last few months. The $EGT website explains:

Elon GOAT Token has really stepped outside the box and did something no other Crypto project has dared to do. We built Elon Musk a $600,000 monument on the back of a semi trailer in honor of his many accomplishments and commitment to Cryptocurrency! Since completion, $EGT has toured several states in the US and has now decided to deliver this gift to Elon at Tesla's Giga factory in Austin!

Confused yet? It gets even weirder. 

The $EGT website explains that the culmination of this project is on November 26, 2022, when the monument will be delivered to Elon himself, in Austin, Texas:

$EGT will be making history as we are finally delivering the Elon GOAT Monument to Elon Musk in Austin, Texas on Saturday, November 26. We invite you to attend and join us in asking Elon to claim this historical gift.

But why? Again, the website explains:

We believe that Elon's potential acceptance of this biblical sized gift could catapult $EGT into the limelight and accelerate its various initiatives.

I don't really have many words. I'm sure the Elon fanboys at $EGT think this is hilarious, and I'm sure Elon will, too. It's not, though. It's a dumb waste of a shitload of money to further stroke an ego that doesn't need any more attention, all for a joke, and to promote a stupid currency that wreaks havoc on the environment. Good job, boys.

If you have the fortitude to witness this monstrosity in action, here's a video of the it rolling through Beverly Hills.