This lifelike AI text-to-speech app is just $20 with this early Black Friday discount

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Gen Zs are now at the age where they're coming for our jobs in the most chaotic way, and they're bringing all types of fancy equipment with them. Our PowerPoint presentations were the gold standard in 2006, but now we're being shown up by 21-year-olds who just found out there's life outside an app.

If you want to compete with the whipper snappers, Speechnow can get you up to speed. Subscriptions to this AI-based text-to-speech tool are on sale for $19.99. Wondering why the price is so low? This November, we're treating every Friday like Black Friday, so we're dropping prices on some of our most popular gadgets and apps early.

If you're ready to step your marketing game up a notch, here's why you might be psyched for Speechnow. Rated 4.5 out of 5 in our store, this program allows you to create lifelike voice recordings of text content. With over 800 languages and voices to choose from, you can narrate white papers, books, published works, data, or whatever your project entails. You can then implement these AI voiceovers into YouTube videos, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, and all manner of social or marketing-related media. 

Using Speechnow is super easy: Just add text, choose your voice and language, and generate your recording in MP3, WAV, OGG, or WEBM formats. From there, you can send it to clients or import it into editing programs like iMovie, Lumen, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton, Camtasia, and more!

Speechnow isn't just useful for marketing materials. The voiceovers could also prove valuable for folks with dyslexia or learning a new language. Verified customer Ashwin P. shared, "I can't believe how realistic the voices sound. It's like having my own personal assistant that can read anything to me. I'm really impressed with the accuracy of the text-to-speech conversion. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who wants to be able to hear their written words spoken aloud.

Give your marketing materials an engaging flare with Speechnow for $19.99 — no coupon necessary. And since this Black Friday deal dropped early, you won't have to wait for a better price. Want more huge savings? Every Friday in November, we're releasing irresistible Black Friday deals early, so don't miss next Friday's drops. 

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