Mark Ryden designed some Barbie dolls and they're wild

In a collaboration with Mattel, Pop Surrealist Mark Ryden has put his unmistakable signature on the most iconic of all the dolls, Barbie herself. I love all three of them (below) but Pink Pop's tiny meat purse really won me over.

I mean.
Pink Pop Barbie Mark Ryden x Barbie Doll, $350 (I spy Lincoln!)
Mark Ryden x Barbie at the Surrealist Ball, $500
Barbie Bee Mark Ryden x Barbie Doll, $150

If you're in the Los Angeles area, there's going to be a "Pink Pop" exhibition featuring new paintings, sculptures and drawings by Ryden. It opens Friday, November 11, and runs through December 12, at Kasmin Gallery on 8382 Melrose Avenue.

Ryden has placed the iconic Barbie doll at the center of his imaginary world, surrounded by enchanted landscapes that are interwoven with the artist's personal symbolism and enigmatic mythologies.

images: Mattel Creations