What is inside an apartment in Paris abandoned for 70 years?

What do Micky Mouse, a taxidermied ostrich, and dusty furniture have in common? As reported in Play Junkie, a team of researchers was given exclusive access to an abandoned Parisian apartment with a colorful history. Elated, the researchers had an opportunity for urban time travel.

Led by auctioneer Olivier Choppin-Janvry, the researchers were deployed "to create an inventory of each item which prevailed in the Parisian time-capsule, and, if possible, develop a valuation of them all. The team had no idea as to what they would find in the apartment and were unsure as to whether or not anything had been left behind when the couple fled. Once inside the apartment, the team was astonished to discover the apartment to be almost in full working order. Each room was still immaculately decorated, equipped with furniture and items which would have made it a home."

Time had left its indelible sooty mark on the apartment, and the still-shot of history is an intriguing and elusive find. "Every item in the property was covered in thick layers of dust, but everything remained untouched and just as it would have appeared 70 years earlier. The team reported that it felt like they were stepping back in time, almost as though they were in an alternate universe."

"The group of investigators established a theory about the desolate apartment. They concluded that the war had forced Mrs. de Florian to flee the home, to the safer countryside of southern France, therefore leaving their once beloved home completely frozen in time." Check out the remainder of the article for more images and details of what was found inside.

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