Did Mike Tyson smoke too much of his "Undisputed Cannabis" weed before meeting with Tony Hawk?

In the short Instagram clip embedded below, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk gives boxing champion Mike Tyson a specially designed skateboard from his company Birdhouse. Tyson's balance on the board, well, needs some better footwork. The short clip has been making the rounds, will various versions of "knock-out" jokes.

Undisputed Cannabis, Tyson's signature brand, was launched in February 2022. With strains like "Pound for Pound" and "Knockout OG," perhaps his imbalance was a testament to the power of his ganja

As for Undisputed Cannabis, "It started with the undisputed heavyweight champ using cannabis to reach new heights. When Mike was in his prime, he used cannabis to relax his body and focus his mind. It was always a tool close by that aided him in reaching the heights he did in his amazing boxing career. In Mike's words, "Cannabis has always played an important role in my life. Cannabis has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share that gift with others who are also seeking relief." Who will interview Tyson about what strains were good for body shots and headshots? In other words, does Iron Mike prefer Indica or Sativa? Mike?

Tyson isn't the only former professional combat sports athlete to put their name on some bud in 2022, though he is not running the company. Rick Flair has also gotten into the game. His line

"Ric Flair Drip" is marketed under Tyson 2.0. Hawk, Flair, and Tyson are the ultimate triad collaborations from the 1980s.

Celebrity sponsorship is the backbone of weed companies. Run by corporate giants like Verano, Curaleaf, Harvest, and other national corporations, Ronald Reagan, perhaps the most famous celebrity turned corporate spokesperson, anti-communist crusader, and former leader of the free world, would be proud.

Or maybe not, as Reagan publicly stated that "marijuana was probably the most dangerous drug in the United States." Read here about how marijuana ruined Ronald and Nancy's (Reagan's) Valentine's Day. Check out this clip of Tyson and Flair sharing a blunt.

Check out the official video for "Rick Flair Drip" with 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin.