Arizona skaters ride bikes too

Tim Ward (@wtairmd), co-founder of Skate After School and co-host of the podcast Vert Button, announced the "SkatersWhoBikeRideTM" event in October.

"The first SkatersWhoBike Ride was a lot of fun," he recently posted. "About 30 skaters showed up. We rode about twelve miles, skated two parks, and stopped at four street spots, and no one got mangled by any cars! Looking forward to doing this again soon."

Check out the video here.

To participate, you don't have to live in Arizona, the Valley of the Sun. Start your own SkatersWhoBikeRide TM wherever your wheels roll. If skateboarding were a sport (It is not!), this would be some serious cross-training. Instead, it is like a consummation of the global phenomenon of Critical Mass and collective stunt wood magic, just rolling with the fun, making and taking space together.

Tempe is looking a lot like Malmö. Here's Tim, on the right: