Beloved 114-year-old Japanese candy company will close in January

The Sakumaseika Company has been making candy since 1908. Its most famous confectionary is called Sakuma's Drops, fruit-flavored hard candy that comes in an iconic tin box. The Tokyo-based company announced this week that inflation pressures are forcing it to shut its doors in January. It currently employs a staff of about 100.

Reuters reports that "all is not lost for fans." Old folks who like Sakuma's Drops can switch over to a competitor's candy, called Sakuma Drops.

From Reuters:

Rival Sakuma Confectionery Co, which was formed when its management parted ways with Sakumaseika's after the war, will continue to produce a similar product, confusingly named Sakuma Drops, carried in a similar can but in green.

"As a competitor, we feel sad" about Sakumaseika's exit, said a Sakuma Confectionery spokesperson. "But perhaps we tried harder to try new ways, a new product line-up."