Drunk college student arrested, expelled after racist tirade and physical assault

Sophia Rosing, the drunk college student who was arrested last weekend after a racist tirade and assault against fellow student and residence hall worker Kylah Spring, has been expelled and permanently banned from the University of Kentucky campus. LEX18 explains:

In a letter to the campus community, [UK President] Capilouto called the behavior seen in the video "disgusting" and "devastating to our community."

Capilouto says within hours of learning about the incident, Rosing was suspended on an interim basis, which banned her from campus during their investigation.

The university said they decided to permanently ban her from campus and determined that she will not be eligible to re-enroll as a student.

"Although she is no longer a student, we must continue our investigations," said Capilouto in the letter. "That includes our cooperation with an investigation into criminal charges filed; our Code of Student Conduct disciplinary proceedings and racial harassment misconduct being reviewed by our Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity."

This wasn't the first time Sophia Rosing has been caught on camera behaving terribly. I wonder if she'll learn anything from this most recent experience?