Lunar eclipse beautifully captured in composite image

Andrew McCarthy of Cosmic Background bought his first telescope in 2017. Now he is a full-time astrophotographer working out of his backyard in Arizona. On November 8, he captured this incredible composite image of the total lunar eclipse in stunning detail using two two telescopes and two cameras, noting that it was "a special opportunity to capture a little perspective about our place in the universe." He calls the image "Shadows and Sunsets."

You can see more of his work and buy prints at his website. He also shares his work on Instagram.

Every so often the moon passes right through Earth's shadow. When this happens, the moon is dimmed as the large circular shadow creeps across its surface. When completely obscured, the moon glows with a dull red, which is the reflected light from sunsets around the entire Earth. This is also one of the best times to capture the surrounding stars, as ordinarily the glow of the moon defeats the relatively faint stellar backdrop. 

…The images were aligned based on the shadow of the Earth, to clearly demonstrate the size and shape of our planet.

(Pee-wee Herman)