Musk tells Twitter employees "bankruptcy isn't out of the question" as it descends into chaos

Welcome to $8chan! Musk and his cronies took control of Twitter not two weeks ago and the bad decisions have come so thick and fast that it's hard to keep track of them all. One such quickly-implemented product feature, selling blue checks, today resulted in a wave of verified corporate clone accounts spewing obsenity and bullshit. It's a direct hit on Twitter's credibility as an official venue for news or customer outreach and surely not great for advertisers either. "Eli Lilly" promised free insulin, and the bluecheck firesale also resulted in various Nazis, stalkers and grifters being verified.

At least someone is amused.

Today, according to Platformer editor Zoë Schiffer, Musk told employees that "bankruptcy isn't out of the question"…

Moreover, it's obvious that the fast-breaking changes challenge a Federal Trade Commission consent decree that Twitter must abide by, and just as obvious that the FTC knows it. The executives formally responsible spectacularly jumped ship, leaving engineers to worry about compliance.

According to internal communications obtained by CNBC, three execs involved in information security, privacy and compliance all resigned in recent days, including Kissner. In the message, a worker warns that the FTC can and will fine Twitter billions of dollars if it breaches the consent decree. The author of the message advised peers they could reach out to Twitter's ethics helpline or the FTC if they felt uncomfortable with tasks they are assigned.

The scale and variety of the Musk gang's ineptitude is so overwhelming that even staid observers are finding themselves drawn to conspiracy theories. Could he be doing it deliberately, to destroy media's watering hole? Is he turning Twitter into a right-wing sewer, this generation's AM radio? Is this his part in ushering in the Dark Enlightenment?