Netflix's new Dragon's Lair is going to be interactive

The early 80s was one of the most innovative periods for video games. As the medium began to grow, developers became more experimental with the types of games they started producing. One of the genres that afforded players insane levels of quality "graphics" and addictive gameplay were the fully animated point-and-click adventure games such as Space Ace and Dragon's Lair, animated by Don Bluth. Both Dragon's Lair and Space Ace functioned like choose-your-own-adventure novels with a timer and were filled with a host of hilarious death scenes for every misstep your character took. 

When the idea of bringing Dragon's Lair to movies or television began to gain traction, fans wondered how studios would retain the choose-your-own-adventure aspect of the series that served as its primary draw. According to Collider, Netflix's adaptation of Dragon's Lair with Ryan Reynolds at the helm will be interactive in the vein of their experimental Black MirrorBandersnatch. At least we don't have to lose a ton of quarters this time around. 

Word of a live-action adaptation of the iconic 1983 video game Dragon's Lair at Netflix first surfaced back in early 2020, with word that Ryan Reynolds was set to star as the game's lead character Dirk the Daring as he enters a dark and dangerous castle to save Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe and the wizard Mordroc. In the over two years since that initial report, however, there hasn't been much word on the project. Collider's own Steven Weintraub had the chance to talk with Reynolds for his upcoming Apple TV+ Christmas musical, Spirited, and during the conversation asked about Dragon's Lair. Reynolds described the adaptation as being an innovative take on the IP and that it "intersects in a unique way with technology" in ways he has never seen.