Police arrest blind man who was carrying a "gun" which was actually his foldable cane

In Columbia County, Florida police arrested James Hodges, 61, for resisting an officer after they stopped him for jaywalking and noticed he was carrying a "gun." But it turned out Hodges is legally blind and the "gun" was actually his foldable cane that he uses as a navigation aid. The arresting officers, deputies Jayme Gohde and Sgt. Randy Harrison, have since been suspended and Sheriff Mark Hunter publicly apologized for the mistake. From NBC News:

The report said Hodges appeared to be carrying a "silver (chrome) pistol with a white grip in his back right pocket."

NBC News does not know what preceded the events in the video the sheriff's office provided or whether it was edited. The sheriff's representative declined Wednesday to provide additional comment about the video.

According to the 4-minute body camera video, Gohde walks up to Hodges and asks what is in his pocket.

Hodges appears to say it is a navigating aid. He tells Gohde: "What's the problem? Are you a tyrant?" the video shows.

Gohde responds that she is, actually, and asks Hodges for his name and date of birth, which he refuses to provide, according to the video.

More back and forth ensued, Hodge asks for the cops' badge numbers, prompting Harrison to say, "You know what, put him in jail for resisting."