Street Fighter 6 will finally make button-mashing an effective strategy

We've all done it at one point or another; there's no shame in it. We've all mashed buttons during a fighting game. In fact, most people never stop mashing buttons. Fighting games are infamous for their steep learning curve, thanks to a staggering level of mechanical difficulty that dwarfs other games. Instead of trying to learn the various intricacies of a game's system, a majority of people will just start randomly pressing buttons and hope for a positive outcome. Again, it's an understandable strategy but hardly an effective one. 

The minute a masher encounters someone with even an entry-level comprehension of fighting games, they'll lose, feel demoralized, and probably drop the genre entirely. However, if mashing was somehow an effective strategy, those newer players might feel incentivized to stick around and eventually learn how to interface with the system. 

In an effort to expand their player base, the developers of Street Fighter 6 have created a new control layout that allows novice players to mash their way to victory. Street Fighter 6's groundbreaking "dynamic controls" compensates for a player's lack of skill by interpreting which move would be the most situationally effective in a match through a single button press.