Wander + Ivy's single-serve wine bottles mean you'll never waste wine again.

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We all hate waste. Yet you might be surprised at how often a good thing actually goes to waste. For example, have you ever downed a glass of wine, then had to throw away the rest of the bottle a few days later because you didn't finish it in time?

Odds are, you have. The average household throws away almost two full glasses of wine a week. That's over 620 million bottles of wine mostly poured down the drain every year. It's estimated that home consumers discard over $1.5 billion worth of vino that becomes undrinkable in a matter of days.

If that sounds supremely wasteful and even a bit sad, Wander + Ivy agrees with you. Rather than uncorking a full bottle of wine and feeling guilty when the rest of the bottle goes unfinished, this upstart vintner produces wine the way you drink, in single-serve portions.

And no, this is no wine-in-a-can type situation. Unlike prepackaged wines that are more about form than actual taste, Wander + Ivy never skimps on quality. All of the grapes used to make its assorted wines are certified organic and sourced directly from family-owned vineyards in some of the world's most famous wine-producing regions. From France to Italy to the United States, all of Wander + Ivy's wines are free of pesticides and herbicides. 

Meanwhile, each bottle, from the hearty red and cab to the lighter rosé, white, and Chardonnay, is the product of top-quality grapes and are served in a single-serving-sized 6.3-ounce glass bottle. At about a quarter of the volume of a standard wine bottle, wine fans never have to feel guilty about waste while still enjoying a premium wine.

Whether you've got a favorite wine type or want mixed varietals, Wander + Ivy makes it easy to order a perfect 8-, 16-, or 24-bottle box to be delivered right to your doorstep — or to someone else as a fantastic gift option. Connoisseurs can also get signed up for the Wander + Ivy wine subscription service, allowing the precise order you want to replenish your supply every month like clockwork.

For wine lovers who care about convenience as well as quality, Wander + Ivy is a perfect solution. "I can now enjoy a luxury glass of wine when I want one without opening a full bottle. Each varietal is truly amazing," said Wander + Ivy fan Brittney.

And to top off its offer, the female-owned and -managed company also proudly donates one percent of the sales to charitable organizations that deliver healthy, organic food to those in need.

Enjoy the vino without waste with a complete Wander + Ivy order now, and enjoy up to 30% off sitewide, now through November 29th. 

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