North Carolina Sheriff reelected after he was recorded saying he's "sick of these Black bastards," referring to Black deputies

One sure way to win an election in Columbus County, North Carolina is to be a racist. That's the lesson to be learned from Republican Jody Greene's reelection for Sheriff. He was caught on tape saying he's "sick of these Black bastards," about Black deputies on his force. The recording leaked, and he won anyway. It makes you wonder if the leak was intentional.

From News One:

Greene said last month that resigning from his post was just a strategy to ensure he could continue his campaign for reelection as the sheriff of Columbus County, and apparently, his strategy worked like a KKK charm. So, the real question is simple: How racist are Republican voters in Columbus County?

It's a fair question to ask because, after initially denying that he said what he said, Jody Greene posted a statement on the Columbus County Sheriff's Office Facebook page admitting that he used racist language. This man was caught in a recorded phone call saying, "Every Black that I know, you need to fire him to start with, he's a snake!" and more than half of Columbus County voters basically said, "Sure—why not?"