Ted Cruz campaigns for Raphael Warnock during a Herschel Walker rally (video)

Getting carried away with his own accomplishments, Ted Cruz unwittingly campaigned for Raphael Warnock while at a Herschel Walker rally yesterday. He then found himself in the odd predicament and tried to back pedal.

"I want you to think of the ads Raphael Warnock is running. He's running ads all over Georgia saying, 'Well you know, I teamed up with Ted Cruz…" the Texas senator began, as if he were about to prove Warnock a liar (see video below).

But no, he suddenly realized, pausing briefly, there was no Warnock lie — oops, that would be Walker. In 2021, Warnock and Cruz really did team up together to pass an amendment to the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

As Walker's crowd waited for a Warnock punchline, Cruz decided to power through empty-handed, making sure to at least stroke his own ego in the process.

" … to pass legislation building a new freeway.' And I'll tell you what, that is actually right. It was the Cruz-Warnock bill. I introduced it, I wrote it, he joined on board and we passed it."

The confused Walker crowd became awkwardly silent, with perhaps a few moans and groans.

So while trying to reverse course, Cruz quickly reminded them once again of Warnock's bipartisan accomplishment. "But what's interesting is he didn't mention the stuff he's done. He didn't mention his record." Well, maybe not, but that's okay, Ted Cruz, you just did it for him.

Front page thumbnail image: mark reinstein / shutterstock.com