Speak like a local in no time with Babbel, now 55% off.

Author: Jason Kobely

Did you know a physical object like the printing press profoundly impacted the English language and the way it's used today? It's true. That's because languages are alive and constantly evolving. That's how new words like bullycide, financialized, postnup, and unjabbed can join the lexicon as official English words each and every month.

Languages never stop adapting and expanding, which should also serve as ample inspiration to your mind. A Babbel Language Learning subscription can go a long way toward ensuring your mind always remains active and engaged, all. At the same time, you add a fantastic new language to your skill set.

With Babbel, users have decisions to make right out of the gate, choosing which of the program's 14 different languages to start training. Then, once you've selected Spanish, French, Turkish, or another of Babbel's core languages, the training can get underway. That's simpler than it might seem, thanks to Babbel's unique learning structure, crafted from input from over 100 language teachers and linguistic experts.

Babbel lessons only take about 10 minutes to complete, bite-sized enough to fit into virtually any schedule with ease. Each is centered around a particular everyday topic, covering anything from dining or shopping to the weather, work, or family relationships. As you begin learning words, then phrases, then full sentences, Babbel enlists native speakers to talk with learners to help them to speak fluidly and quickly.

But that doesn't mean it all comes easy. To help, Babbel features speech-recognition technology to keep pronunciation on point, analyzing your spoken-word delivery to find areas where you might need some extra review work.

Learners start amassing knowledge quickly by mixing in podcasts, games, and other innovative learning methods along with more traditional language-lab-style training. In fact, Babbel thinks if you stick to the typical training schedule, you can speak and communicate confidently in a new language in as little as three weeks.

Understand a new culture, discover its people, and learn a language that speaks to you with a Babbel Language Learning subscription, now available at up to 55% off its regular price.

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