Convicted Capitol rioter Dr. Simone Gold is accused of spending Covid quack organization's money on luxury items

Dr. Simone Gold, the J6-rioting, Trump-loving founder of the Covid pseudoscience group America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), is being accused by her fellow quacks of using organization funds on private jet trips, a mansion, and her underwear-model boyfriend, according to The Daily Beast.

AFLDS is tearing itself apart in a fight over what Gold's rivals describe as her extravagant spending using the group's funds. The alleged purchases include $100,000 on a single private jet trip and $50,000 a month in Gold's personal expenses. Much of the controversy has centered on AFLDS's purchase of a $3.6 million mansion in Naples, Florida., where Gold lives with her boyfriend: a much younger underwear model and fellow Capitol rioter.

Gold isn't backing down, penning threatening emails to board members and describing herself, alternately, as a "popular folk hero," a "rainmaker," and an avenging "lioness."