Introducing Oboy, an anti-antihero origin story

Shaheen Beardsley's comic book Oboy is the story of an alcoholic failed karaoke country singer who drunkenly devours an alien, bestowing him with superpowers. In the traditional model, our protagonist would take his newfound abilities and direct them toward the greater good. Oboy attempts this, but his aim is off, and his gifts are instead used to acquire more alcohol and sabotage his competition. Powers don't necessarily net morality, selflessness, or women. You're just yourself, but unstoppable, and this is probably for the worse. Beardsley understands this.

Funny and somewhat bleak plot aside, Beardsley's exceptional drawing talents make Oboy a compelling piece of sequential art. His linework and forms have a confidence to them that is uncommon in underground comics and outshine most of the factory-made narratives in the mainstream.

Beardsley's work, amongst others, will be on display and for sale at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles at the Permanent Damage Comix Show on December 4th. Music, art, and ruckus!

Shaheen's work can be seen on Instagram