Marjorie Taylor Greene hammers her already broken party, wants "Civil War in the GOP" (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene, willfully oblivious to the fact that GQP talking points are what crashed the midterm "red wave," powers full steam ahead with GQP talking points.

1st TNT talking point: Election fraud. "We lost in 2020 because of the mail-in ballots, because it was ripe for election fraud, and now we're watching it again, especially in Kari Lake's race over in Arizona," the out-of-touch Georgia Qongresswoman said on Steve Bannon's podcast (see video below).

"Everyone was calling for a red wave. Either the pollsters are wrong and they need to be fired … or we have to finally acknowledge the fact … that mail-in ballots is [sic] the biggest problem in our elections and it is going to be a major factor going forward into 2024." Guess she didn't get the memo on how well Big Lie candidates did last week.

2nd TNT talking point: Democrats are the enemy. Interchangeable with "journalists," dividing America up into "them vs. us" is a basic tenet of fascist-based Trumpism, and the midterm elections showed us that Trumpism is a broken horn. But Madge keeps blowing it.

"Politics is a blood sport and … we have to do everything we can to stop our enemy, and the enemy is the Democrat Party. That's the enemy of America."

3nd TNT talking point: Hunt the RINOs. Even as Greene, who has been a longtime critic of Kevin McCarthy, suddenly sidles up to the House Minority Leader in hopes of getting a "plum position on the powerful House Oversight Committee," as Axios put it, the stable moron also calls for Civil War within the GOP.

"We're going to fight it out. I'm not afraid of the Civil War in the GOP. I lean into it."

Madge is a gift to the Democrats that just keeps giving.

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