Skateboarder with a broken neck astonishes the crowd

Watch Jake Yanko's intense, body-risking, and beautiful trick, slashing his back truck on the top edge of the "killer pillar," some 30 feet above the earth.

The FDR DIY Skatepark under the I-95 highway in Philadelphia was the site of the recent "Rip Ride Rally." While numerous videos of brave skateboarders throwing their bodies up the enormous concrete wave built underneath an overpass have been circulating on SkateTwitter, Jake Yanko's flow is astonishing – given his broken vertebrate. A photo of this phenomenal feat is featured in the latest advertisement for Independent Trucks in the December '22 issue of Thrasher Magazine.

This video goes behind the photo as Jake Yanko explains how he broke his neck in a collision with Fred Gall the previous day and still decided to attempt the impossible. "I had a couple of tricks going on, and then went over the spine, and I went to do an Ollie North on the flat wall. Fred was coming over, and he just kneed me right in the dome." The result was Jake's second broken neck injury.

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