Turn your iPhone into a remote work screen extender with this magnetic arm kit

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Do you dream of becoming a digital nomad? Ever since our shift to remote and hybrid work models, many folks have transitioned or are considering careers that allow them to work from anywhere, anytime. But that constant movement necessitates packing light, so you should only carry the most essential gear.

laptop or tablet is a great go-to, but the right accessories can make you feel like you never left your office in the first place (in a good way). This modular work-from-home kit by Edge offers just that, and it's currently on sale.

The complete Edge kit has three simple items that can transform your remote work experience. First, the included Edge Mount is essentially a metal arm that sticks to the back of your laptop or tablet using a nano-suction layer, but don't let the simple design fool you. The mount is constructed from CNC-milled aluminum and features N52 magnets that are strong enough to hold an iPhone.

Once you place your phone, you can use it like a second screen, which is extremely valuable when working with limited screen space on the go. You can monitor stocks, keep your Slack app open to respond to messages, use your phone as a webcam for remote meetings, and much more. 

The Edge Mount isn't just for phones, either. The kit also comes with a universal wireless charger, fully compatible with MagSafe-equipped iPhone models. But if you want to take advantage of its magnets on Androids and older iPhones, you'll need a magnetic case. 

The last piece of the puzzle is the Edge Light, a 280-lumen key light that can improve the quality of your video calls. So if you prefer using your laptop's webcam, you can throw the Edge Light on the mount instead. Or you can purchase two Edge Kits to set up the key light and extend your screen with your phone simultaneously. And once it's finally time to hit the road again, the Edge Mount measures about four credit cards thick when folded. So it's easy to see why this complete kit earned an average of five stars on the manufacturer's website.

Complete your remote work setup with the Edge Full Kit, which you can find on sale here.

Prices subject to change.