FineCam Pro gives you more ways to control your online presentations, and it's 41% off

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Even if you're meeting online, how you present yourself matters. You probably wouldn't wear a great big moose hat and pajamas for most formal presentations or meetings. However, for online presentations, the rules are a bit different. Your outfit may still matter, but you also want to consider the lighting, background, and color balancing if you can control it. FineCam Pro lets you take more control over your webcam during online meetings, and it's on sale for $49.99

Control what your camera sees

Get a plethora of video control options when you install FineCam on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Even the basic functions might surprise you if you've been using most video conferencing software. AI-powered color and image correction is a button away, along with background blur, background replacement, and cinematic filters and effects. You don't even need a green screen to replace your background and hide what you're presenting in your bedroom

You can even go pro with your camera work by using a GoPro, an iPhone, an iPad, or another webcam to add new angles to your web presentation. FineCam Pro lets you move away from that tired straightforward camera angle and customize. Create dynamic shots and even create multiple video scenes. 

Not every meeting has to be a show. The little changes may add much-needed quality-of-life control to your daily web conferences. For example, instead of sharing your screen, you can superimpose yourself over a slideshow or a YouTube video. It could be a lot easier to present as if you were in a life conference if you're standing in front of your presentation materials like you usually would. It might also make your presentation easier to follow.

Add more customization to your next online meeting 

Give yourself more room to move and more options to control the next time you present online. You can get FineCam Pro on sale for just $49.99 (reg. $84) or 41% off.