MAGA "mob" gathers outside Trump Tower before announcement, and it's all so sad (video)

In anticipation of Donald Trump's "big announcement" tonight, a predictable (and predictably small) MAGA mob has been scuttling around outside Trump Tower, trying to to drum up enthusiasm for the down-and-out former president.

"Ron has gotten too big for his britches," one red-capped fellow says as they stomp on a flag of Ron DeSantis. "He's out!" another shouts. "It's Trump or death." (See first video.)

"We're very happy for the announcement tonight," one of the same guys says in a second video (below). "We're very excited, because we've been kind of like on the down-low since Jan. 6th, but I think that gets all erased tonight. I think the Trump supporters are going to come out in masses."

Meanwhile, the "masses" are nowhere to be seen.

The protestors, who look about as tired as the years-old phrase "Trump or death," do their best to hoist up their fading king, but try as they might, January 6th it ain't. If the post-midterm aftermath continues on the trajectory it's been speeding down, those glory days for the one-term president will be gone for good.

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