Ordering tools from sketchy-looking Facebook ads

Like all of us online, well-known woodworking YouTuber, David Picciuto, gets hit with a lot of targeted ads. Facebook's algorithms, knowing he's a woodworker, feed him a daily diet of too good to be true ads for tools. So that the rest of us don't have to, Dave decided to order every advertised tool that came across his feed for a day. Some of them he ordered knowing that they reeked of scam.

In the end, it could have been much worse. Dave bought 6 items for a total of $317.20. Only two items turned out to be complete rip-offs. One was a bait and switch for a far inferior set of corner clamps than the ones advertised, and one was completely fraudulent. He ordered a $54 joiner ($1000 will get you a good one). What he received was a folding paper fan. Two other items were just kinda crappy quality and one was a fairly decent custom branding iron. The product he liked best was a Toyo toolbox from Japan. A little overpriced, at $52 with shipping, but good quality and a cool design. Even the box design was old-school and classy.