There's a Donald Trump Fan Club you can join, if you like giving money to grifters

Do you remember the fan clubs of the 20th Century? Plastic cards declaring you an "official member" of the Jurassic Park, Mary-Kate and Ashley or Star Wars fandom? Maybe you even had a patch. Maybe, delight of delights, you had the lunchbox?

I don't. I was born in 2001, and missed out on the halcyon days of trading in my parents money for meaningless documentation swearing my fealty to a fad.

But now they're back. Recently, a Redditor shared a curious email they received advertising an "Official 2022 Trump Card". It doesn't take a detective to tell that these 'official' cards are anything but. Even by the standards of real licensees' dismal photoshop work, the one here featuring Donald Trump "holding" an enormous card is bad.

All I have to say is this: don't give Trump ideas.