This personal heater will keep you cozy well into your hibernation

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Heat? in this economy? We don't think so. Cranking that furnace up to comfy cozy temps is going to cost you big in a time where the price of *checks notes* Taco Bell has become too inflated for purchase. If you want a little warmth, you're going to need another solution.

When you need nothing but a warm breeze straight to the face, there are two options: go on vacation to a tropical destination (could be cheaper than you think) or grab the Eden Comfort Oscillating Personal Heater, on sale for $39.99. Small enough to sit on your desk and big enough to pack a punch, this heater has a turbine blade for max heat and performance when you need it the most. And, because it comes in at just over one pound, it doesn't need much storage space to be a great addition to any camper, tiny home, or room that gets a bit too drafty.

The best part is that it works not to dry out your skin or hair, so sacrificing health for the sake of being toasty is never an option (which is good since scientific experts have proven the past two years have aged us all in the most unfortunate way).

The touch key and light tone/noise function allow you, to use this little guy in the quietest of rooms but the coldest of tundras, no matter where that may be (though we have to admit that sounds like every library ever built). Just a few clicks will give you the warmth you crave in these cooler months.

If you're a little more jumbled and fumbled, you're going to need a heater that withstands your scatterbrain tendencies. The Eden turns off when it gets too hot, meaning if you forget to send it to bed for the night, it will just do it autonomously (but not like in a weird, robot way we're all super freaked out about).

Get the Eden Comfort Oscillating Personal Heater for $39.99 (Reg. $104).

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